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KAYAK.im is a web site by kayakers based on the Isle of Man. It focuses on our paddling adventures in and around Manx waters, as well as further afield. Play boating, sea kayaking, surf kayaking and river running are all included. KAYAK now includes more general kayaking information including kayaking outlet directories from around the World, and a new section focusing on tidal race kayaking. Please read our terms of use.

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Tidal race information and photographs including Penrhyn Mawr, North and South Stack, and Rhoscolyn.

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Isle of Man surf, weather and tide information all on one convenient page.

All top banner photos by Johan Wagner of Escape Outdoors, Sweden.

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The KAYAK.im webmaster no longer lives or paddles in the Isle of Man. This website will remain active for as long as there is traffic to the site. No further updates or amendments will be made to KAYAK.im and it is possible that some of the information on the site is now out of date and incorrect.

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Kayak Isle of Man

I didn't take the photos above. Instead they were taken by Johan Wagner of Escape Outdoors in Sweden. They feature a memorable day in 2006 when some expert paddlers from around the World played and surfed in the Penrhyn Mawr tidal race in North Wales. These, plus others from the same day taken by Jeff Allen of Sea Kayaking Cornwall, have been incorporated into 5 new pages on KAYAK.im. Written by Phil Clegg of Sea Kayaking UK, these new additions to the tidal race section give an overview, and ...

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